Hi All,

All of my programming was done in Visual Studio Express 2008 version. Thinking of upgrading to 2015 now that I have a Win 10 machine and given that I want to start learning some of the new functionality re C++ 11 and 14.

Any tips/thoughts on how to migrate my files? I've tried this once before on a Win 7 PC and remember having some issues getting the programs to work.


I only tried from 2008 to later but not 2015. But will share I only needed to open the solution file in VS and then correct my app to work in the new VS.

I'm used to "porting" my apps to other systems so to me this is just work. I don't expect such transitions to be flawless so if my apps don't work, it's dig in and find out why.

You asked "how to migrate my files?" Here that was simple. I copied my project folders to my new laptop.