need help with this school project

With which project? There's no info there. I can only suppose that It's a kind of research and then can recommend you the resource with cheap research papers. I use this service from time to time, when I've got no time for essays and other writing tasks at the college.

commented: I can see employers lining up to hire someone with your work ethic. -3

Ken_10 and anyone else who thinks like that:

Getting someone to do your school work is stupid. You'll learn nothing and just waste the opportunity for education. It also penalises genuine students who are competing with you using their own effort and skills. You're also like to get caught and fail the class as a minimum penalty.

People providing and promoting such services are parasites. They take your money in exchange for doing you harm.

If you are involved in this then shame on you. We don't want you here.

"I need help with this school project" doesn't help a lot. No explanation. No showing of work done at this point. Sorry, but my mind reading ability just fizzled out...

What project do you want to achieve?