Take a closer look at some common misconceptions that prevent hiring managers from even considering a DevOps consultant.

Great Article "https://medium.com/prodopsio/devops-consultant-vs-devops-employee-69fd011455fe" --> https://medium.com/prodopsio/devops-consultant-vs-devops-employee-69fd011455fe

Let's unpack your problem statement at that site.

We have a great product and customers are pouring in; BUT, we can’t handle the scale, outages happen all the time and by the time we manage to release new features, the customer has already lost interest.

First, you didn't have the product if you needed to add features for a customer.
Second, your outages. That's something more basic than DevOPs. It's a failure in your existing system.
Finally, your customer lost interest because they found the product they wanted or decided they didn't need it at all. Good thing you didn't implement this feature!

It appears you are offering up DevOps as the solution to well, basic issues that didn't need DevOps at all.