How can I show the database in a single mode (windows or SQL authentications mode) please help me.....

How can I Show the database in a single mode (windows or SQL authentications mode) please help me.
I create a project VB.NET 2010 and SQL server 2008r2 , When I login sa account show the database it is all right. But problem is when I connect windows authentication mode same database show on there, and it is fully accessible.
I want to when I login sa account show the database, not show when login in windows authentication mode.

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You don't speak english that great, but what I think you want is to enable both sql server authentication and Windows Authentication, aka Mixed mode. I only have sql server developer 2014, so it is probably all different, so take this with a grain of salt. Open Micorosoft SQL server management studio, which you will need to search for. Right click your sql-workstation instance root, select properties, click security, and under server authentication select sql server and windows authentication mode. Be aware there is also a network mode and port number procedure you will also have to set up, I don't have that procedure with me however.

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