Windows10 New Updates are not Installing in My PC. Can you guys please suggest me the process to do the activation in my windows 10.

What messages/feedback are you getting to tell you what failed?

You may want to count yourself lucky. If an update fails to install, DO NOT FORCE IT IN. I've seen folk end up having to start over.

These usually work themselves out as the update failure reports back to Microsoft and it might be reinssued.

-> To carry on here, tell which update failed such as KBnnnnnnn where nnnnnnn is the number so others and you can research.

Finally updates are not activations. Please don't confuse those two things.

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Mine has been like this since they give out the last update which deleted files through their mistakes and now the update what’s pending says I’ve errors

Reminds me of my experience with the 2017 fall update which refused to install until I uninstalled software which had never been put on my computer.

The updates must be off. Turn them ON from the settings.

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Did you try the following in a command prompt?
sfc /scannow

The command repairs Windows system files. IMPORTANT: Open the command window as an Administrator.

i also faced this issue beacuse i am not restart my laptop i always shutdown. try to retart your pc then install it again see this will work for you or not

My experience with Win 10 has been generally happy. The odd problem though. I suggest if you are in the beta type programs with Win 10 and you have problems with an update is to go back to the lest version and report the problem to MS.

And if you really feel compelled to install the update

  1. take an image first
  2. do a full backup of your data files
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