i'm using Windows 7.
the battery icon is showed on toolbar.
when i move the mouse the percent is showed, but no the time remain... why?

I no longer fix this. That is, I don't bother trying to get Windows to report this. I go get the free version of BatteryBar and get a better readout of the battery condition.

-> Second problem. Since the time remaining is not accurate it's probably best to not give remaining time. Why? Because how you use the laptop determines remaining time. The battery app can't guess if you are going to lower the brightness and browse the web, play a video or game. There is a 10 fold decrease in battery time for one activity to the next. Go get BatteryBar and call it a day.

yes i'm using that program with 30 free days, maybe after that reinstall it, i can cover the 30 days ;)
please tell me 1 thing: after i answer you, do you recive any mail notification?
what i mean is that i didn't recive a mail notification when you answer me :(

I used the free version and it's still working fine days, years later. Are you sure you got the free version?

As to the DANIWEB eamail notification, I don't check since it may not be instant.

yes it's free. i just actiaved the 30 days for test it

cool: i came here because i recive the mail notification
thanks for all

Did BatteryBar change? I never activated it, just install the free one since it will report what you askes and battery wear on most machines.

PS. Adding with edit. On worn batteries, predicting time remaining is not possible. I know folk will disagree but the more you encounter batteries with 70% or less remaining capacity the more you realize that predictions are just that.

yes changes, we can change the theme and much more and change when the notification messages are showed

Good to read it's still the things I don't need or care about. 99.9999% of the time I just need a better battery health report.

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