In order to resolve a problem whereby Microsoft keeps updating my video driver (which works) with a newer version that is crippled, I installed the Windows 10 Creator's Update. So far it

  • Reset driver update back to auto (I had disabled it)
  • Re-enabled OneDrive (I had disabled that as well)
  • Re-installed the shitty video driver (screen rotate no longer works)
  • Disabled my Trend Micro anti-virus
  • Left me with a Windows.old folder which I am having fun trying to delete

I'll post more problems as I find them.

I had heard it was being phased out. Most sub-items can still be run by executing the appropriate .cpl file.

I managed to clean out the windows.old folder by running Disk Cleanup but you have to select C: first, then click Clean Up System Files, then select C: again, then wait for it to scan your drive, then check the appropriate check boxes, then click OK.

God damned Microsoft. It would have been far easier to select the folder in Explorer and click delete or do

rd C:\Windows.old /s /q

from the command line.

And, by the way, the new driver got loaded in again. I set my connection to metered. At least the creator's update enabled that feature from the GUI. I put my old driver back in and made a disk image. However, this means I can no longer do any Windows updates unless I want to fight with the driver again.

If anyone is interested, you can still get at the old control panel by opening Explorer then pasting

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items

into the address bar.

I think Microsoft's philosophy is "if it ain't broke, break it anyway"...

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How is the creators update ? They claim it's faster then previous Windows; even on aging computers. I've yet to update.

Aside from moving a few things around (again), missing the control panel (which they had already said was on the way out), and having an extra 8 gig free on my C drive, I don't see much difference.

Oh, yeah, one other thing. Even though I (re)disabled OneDrive, I started getting pop-ups recommending that I complete my OneDrive registration so I could get a "free" 5 gigs of online storage. I have about 14 TB of local storage so I really don't need another 5 gig. Plus, why would I want to give my data to someone else? Especially since Microsoft told everyone who used the (I think it was) 10 gig of OneDrive storage that they were shrinking it to 5 so "please download your stuff before it gets deleted".

I ended up stubbing out OneDrive.exe so it would stop pestering me. I expect it will be unstubbed with the next, and each subsequent round of Windows updates.

But I'm not bitter.~

with each update on windows 10 microsoft wants to move users away from the old ways. some noticeable featerure on windows 10 1703 is control panel is gone from the right clicking on the start button. commang prompt is replaced by powershell. you can still use these but they are burried in the operating system. as for thing you might have disabled, yes the crator update will reset them, the best way to uninstall windows apps is to use a powershell command Click Here

BTW, you dont want to delete that windows.old folder if for any reason you want to go back to the previous version. but if youa re sure you will not you can do a disk clean up

I'll give that a look although I take issue with the "temporarily" part.

Well informed!!

Here is how to delete windows old installation folder in windows 10
1 – Search Disk Cleanup in the search box of your windows 10 taskbar. Click on Disk Cleanup from the search result.
2 – On clicking it disk cleanup info box will pop up. In this your drive which is having your windows installed will show up. The light blue colored flag shows the installation drive.
3 – Now, select on windows.old folder from the list having maximum size in GB.

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