Does anyone know anything about Java applets using 100% of the CPU cycles? The only clue I have is that I've been told that MSJVM has problems that Sun's JVM doesn't have. I'd be interested to know whether anyone else has had this problem and fixed it successfully.

What windows version are you using? I know of no half-way current version of windows that still uses MSJVM.

But, is it all applets that do this, or only the ones you have built?

Since I still believe that the Java itself is okay, but that it is what the application is doing that is driving the CPU cycles so high.

Even Microsoft themselves tell you to remove the MS JVM and install the Sun one ;)
It's only about 8 years out of date.

Yea, but have you guys ever seen any Anfy generated web pages? The MSJVM handles a lot of those better than the sun one.

The MSJVM handles nothing better than the Sun JVM, unless it was specifically written to perform well under the MSJVM, and it is not our fault is someone tuned there product to a faulty JVM. It's like Explorers early tries at JavaScript, it got it so wrong, with so many security holes, but at the same time so many handy side effects (which were bugs not features especially since many of them ran completely counter to the specs) that many people tuned there JavaScripts to these "features". Then everybody screamed when some of things started getting fixed.

Dont get me wrong sir I never said MSJVM was better than Sun's I'm saying that pages generated with Anfy content seems to like working with Softie's jvm. Anfy was a cool ap for generating some nifty looking java applets.

and it's greatly outdated.
Maybe you should go back to DOS. WP 4.3 worked better there than it does under Windows XP...

Good point, and you know as well as I know that the new 'in' thing is Web 2.0 which is going too fast for anyone to seriously care about everything anyway. Stuff like this could be done in a few clicks with Anfy. Either way, Sun Java now does as good as MS used to do. This was a few years back when I last tried running Anfy with Sun's JVM. Back then the same type off effect lagged my browser out with Sun and ran smooth only with MSJVM

And once again, it is not our fault that the stuff was tuned to faulty software.

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