I don't know if this is the best place to post my question, but
here is what I have and what I need to do:
- I have 100 questions. Every question is in a cell (from B1 to B100). In cells A1..A100 I can say "yes" or "no" wether I want to use that question or not in a questionare. I have one command button.

- to generate the questionare, first I choose 10 questions (by marking the cells from column A with "yes"). Then I want to press the command button and to generate a .rtf file with those 10 questions. I want to be able to set some formatting of the text (bold, colored, size, etc).

Can you tell me how to do it? So far I was only able to create a .txt file but I can not set any properties of the text (it's only plain text).

10x a lot

EXTRA: if I have a picture in the excel, can I "copy" it also to the .rtf file?