i'm using the included cd that came with my Deitel Deitel Third Edition C++ book.
Help / about tells me i'm using visual C++ 6.0

I'm trying to compile a piece of code i wrote in FORTRAN. The code runs and accepts changes to my namelist but does not compile any changes i make to the code. . . ?
the text is not shown in colors like i get when looking at c++ code. it's just black and white.

do i need a different version of developer studio?
is the one i have specifically designated for c++?

You cannot compile FORTAN code with a C++ compiler...:rolleyes:

in the past i use developer studio for both C++ and fortran.

I think free Crimson editor will colorize that FORTRAN code. But its only an IDE and not a compiler. You need to get a fortran compiler if you want to compile your programs into an executable file.

But here is a plugin for Visual Studio 2005.

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