Im REALLY new to Java Programming and wanted to teach myself java. I download the newest version of the JDK from the website and have run into the javac problem. I keep getting the error that javac is not found or its not a operable program. (Something like that.) I've looked at many sites addressing the problem, but I still need help.
Im using a Windows XP Media Center.

Every site says to update CLASSPATH or PATH Variables. I have found where those are at on my computer, but have no idea on how to do what they say to do for javac.

Help is MUCH appreciated! :confused:

P.S. Dont send links! I have no idea what the other sites are telling me to do. :(

Go to Control Panel, open the System Control Panel. Click the Advanced tab. Click the Environment Variables button.

In the System variables group, find CLASSPATH, then click Edit. At the end of the Variable value line, enter a ";" (without quotes) and then paste the path to the file. Typically, this is C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin

I got it to work now! Thanks to everyone who helped out with this issue.