I need to create a printing method. Once I call the method it will print the following code.

static Book1 a = new Book1("Miasha", "Secret Society", "Borrowed", 743281586);
    static Book1 b = new Book1("Omar Tyree", "What They Want", "On Shelf", 743228695);
    static Book1 c = new Book1("Eric Jerome Dickey", "The Other Women","On Shelf", 525947248)

Any help is needed. I just need to know where to start.


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I expect you have constractor for your book class something like this

public void Book1(String str1, String str2, String str3, int num)
   author = srt1;
   title = str2;
   status = str3;
   isbn = num;

some get methods

public String getAuthor() { return author;}
public String getTitle() { return title;}
public String getStatus() { return status;}
public int getIsbn() { return isbn;}

so you create method printMe for example

public void printMe( Book1 toPrint)
   System.out.println( toPrint.getAuthor() + " - " + toPrint.getTitle()
   + " - " + toPrint.getStatus() + " - " + toPrint.getIsbn() );

to call this method you just do this


Hope that is any help to you

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