What is the easiest way to migrate a project, with about 40 forms, 3 modules, 3 classes, and several designers (Crystal Reports) from VB6 to .Net 2003??

Any ideas?

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As with any code that needs to be ported from one language to another, even if you're porting it from VB to VB.net, the only sure fire way to get it all working is to write the whole thing from the ground up.


Elements will be similar, but it's implementation will be inherently different. Under the hood vb.net is very different to VB.

I open the code in vb6 and go form by form, module by module, class by class transfering code from vb6 to vb net.
Slow but effective. Don't like the conversion in vb net. Almost as much work as redoing it (500 errors).

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