I'm looking for a way to learn RPG as used on the AS400. Is there any software to emulate the machine on Windows or Mac? What tools would I use to program in RPG?

Google for RPG II.

any softwares, like free compilers for AS400?

Hello, my concern is a bit different.
In charge of an EDI project, I must be able to upload datas into two servers, one being the AS400. The thing is, I haven't got the slightest idea what's in this AS400.
Besides, I have never used it.

So, if there was a tool, a software or something, that will first make a map of what's in there, that'd be a good start (Lots of programs and applications with noone to tell you their use ... I'm kind of desperate here).

Have you considered talking to the people at your company who actually DO use it?

I have. But most devolepers are no longer working for the company.
Those who still do (2 of them exactly) can't give me reliable information, cause there is no documentation (they haven't produced any in more than 20 years of exploitation).

However, things have evolved a little since my last post. I have come to know the AS400, though I'm not an expert. And, by using the tool "DSPPGMREF", I was able to print on a file some kind of description of the programs.

Still, it's a huge file. Each line describes one operation, the program that does it, the context, the input file, the output file and other things specifics to the AS400.

It's do-able, but ...

RPG? The best option is to commit seppuku and die honorably.

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