I'd like to start out with a big THANK YOU!!! I started a new job at a small market and am developing some software for their POS. I have been stuck in the Google loop researching workarounds many atime and this site has always come through in the clutch for answers. So thanks.

My Background: Student at UT in the MIS department. Prior web based development including VB and ASP.NET. C# is new on the job I started at ~ a month ago. Client's previous developer graduated and they are looking for someone to fill his shoes to do "new versions".

The company I am working for is trying to release various versions and updates for their c# application. We currently are in a single office and updates are a simple "copy the debug exe file to a flash drive with the dll's and paste them onto the machines."

The client is looking to expand the application to variuos other offices in the next few months and the "speed" of getting updates to them will be crucial. The last rollout of the software (before I started) was a failure in that OBVIOUS bugs prevented the satellite store managers from having faith in adopting the system.

Previously I have worked in .net framework esque developments. Just making the move to c# and non .net has thrown up some headaches in the process.

I have tried to "publish" the application, but the install goes haywire on me. The file accesses other "template" files such as spreadsheets and .settings files that need to be in the same folder as the exe.

Summary of questions:
1. Where can I find a FAQ about publishing uses, howtos, theory, etc...
2. Will publishing to a URL on the server and having the external programs access it for updates be a viable method? The network is not secured from store to store. Is this an issue?
3. How do I solve the need for the .settings and template files to be included in the main installation and sometimes program?
4. Would it be better to just have the .exe application and accessory items in a folder that is copied to each desktop machine? If so, what are your opinions on the best way to handle updates.

Bit long for a first post, but I want to thank you in advance for your thoughts! Please cc: me in an email and/or send me a PM when you post (Employer doesn't think a forum is a valid use of work time, but if I can show the email to prove a response it would help.)

Thanks again!

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Hmm, yes I was rather perplexed by the publish option to. I'm using the express version and I don't get it? Not sure if the full version is any different.

I like option number four. You can access and download updates from the internet for your application. The api is all there to read.

how to publish dot net application designed using C# with all dependencies included in setup in published section

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