please help me in my laboratory exams in c++ programming...
please give me a source code and .exe file on the following program:

Write a program that inputs 4 string that represent integers, converts the strings into integers, sums the values and prints the total of the 4 values.
*Sentence Generator
*Pig Latin

1.Create a program that employs a function incAdd(int a, int b)which receives two integers and increment each integer before adding them, and returns the sum to the calling function.
2.Create a function that returns a portion of an array.
3.Create a function that returns an entire array.

please i need it ASAP!!!
i need it too much right now....

Michelle Manreal
BS in Computer Science
University of the Immaculate Conception

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If you want to pay someone to code your program, head over to the Job Offers forum.

If you want us to help with your homework (for free), read this.

I can help you but in one condision.. ?

And what would that be.... ;-)

Provide me another set of code. .sent me the requirments needed in your programming assignment.

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