hi all,
i have a caputure file ( *.cap) i open it in binary mode , now i nead 2 make an outfile , also *.cap
i gave the outfile 2 my prog. out.cap, it works and i became no errors, but when i tried 2 open it , it doesn't work.

i made nothing in the prog.
string infile,outfile;
char arr[10];
int i;
void main ()

cout<<"Enter your input filename"<<endl;
ifstream myinfile;
myinfile.open(infile.c_str(), ios::binary );
cout<<"Enter your output filename"<<endl;
ofstream myoutfile(outfile.c_str());

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>but when i tried 2 open it , it doesn't work.
You're reading from a binary oriented file stream but writing to a text oriented file stream. Most likely you want to open the output stream as binary also.

And please don't use chatty abbreviations. We have a rule against that because it makes posts less professional and more difficult to understand.

sorry for using the chatty words,
now shall i open may output file also in binary mode and write on it?

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