Ok I am wanting to download the newest version of the gcc compiler and emacs or gedit to run with PowerShell. I was hoping that someone could give me detailed instructions on how to do so. I am using Windows XP. I believe this is the right place to ask the question, but if it isn't please point me to the right place. Thanks -kylcrow

If I recall correctly, the download sites for each of those will tell you how to install them on your system.

I have been looking at the emacs site for awhile, and it is very confusing. I am used to clicking download now buttons lol. Just wondering if you could put it into lamen terms. If not thats ok.

Quite frankly, if you need layman's terms, you don't want to use emacs.

Well I know how to use emacs. I used it all year at school. Everything we needed was just pre-installed on my school comp, now I am working as a QA tester, and I wanted to use emacs on my laptop so I can get more work with coding.

Thanks, I guess I am just not ready for this because nothing I try seems to be working. Thanks for your time tho You are always the best help Narue :)

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