CC       = gcc
CFLAGS   = -I ../include/
LD       = gcc
EmpCC    = empcc
HVFUTILLDFLAGS = -L/home/empress/HamVeriFeeder/hvfutil/lib -lhvfutil
all: BUFR_Decoder.o HVFD.o BUFR_Printer.o
        rm -f BUFR_Decoder.o HVFD.o BUFR_Printer.o ../lib/libhvfd.a ../bin/BUFR_Printer
BUFR_Decoder: BUFR_Decoder.o
        $(CC) -g -c BUFR_Decoder.c $(CFLAGS)
        $(CC) -g -c HVFD.c $(CFLAGS)
BUFR_Printer: BUFR_Printer.o ../bin/BUFR_Printer
        $(CC) -g -c BUFR_Printer.c $(CFLAGS)
BUFR_Printer.x: ../bin/BUFR_Printer
        $(CC) -o ../bin/BUFR_Printer BUFR_Printer.o BUFR_Decoder.o $(HVFUTILLDFLAGS)
        rm -f BUFR_Printer.o BUFR_Printer.x

when i do make, it says:
gcc -I ../include/ -c -o BUFR_Decoder.o BUFR_Decoder.c
gcc -I ../include/ -c -o HVFD.o HVFD.c
gcc -I ../include/ -c -o BUFR_Printer.o BUFR_Printer.c

what i want to do is :
if BUFR_Encoder.o is compiled then make BUFR_Encoder executable.

but only BUFR_Encoder.o is compiled, it does not make the executable.

Make 'all' depend on the executables, not the intermediate object files.

you should have meant the opposite I think. Because if there's a change in c file, or there is no object file, target is done. So it's object dependent. I think you mean that I can't do that with executables as if I can with object dependency in Makefile.

Am I right?

But your evidence is that your approach sometimes fails, so take it from there.

But I think
all: BUFR_Decoder HVFD BUFR_Printer

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