I recently installed Borland Delphi 8.0 for .NET framework, and I need to compile an existing delphi project. For this, it is required that extra design packages be installed, namely some Raize Components and TurboPower Systools. In the help file of the IDE, it is stated that in order to add extra design packages I need to go to Project>Options>Packages, but this option is not present, I can't find it. When I open Project>Options I find the following options:
Application, Compiler, Compiler Messages, linker, Directories/Conditionals and Debugger.
There is no 'Packages' option in my Project>Options dialog, so this confuses me.

Is there something missing in my Borland Delphi 8 IDE ?
Is there any other way to install these extra design packages ?

Please, every bit of help will be very appreciated since i need this asap.
Thanks in advance.

Diego V.

if you want please follow my advice and switch to delphi 7 or delphi 2006. delphi 8 is the worse and full of bugs delphi ide. you'll experience a lots of problem using delphi8.

best regards,