I have created a database using Access 03 and VB, and I will be letting some people use it shortly.

I would like to create a way in which the program cannot simply be copied onto another computer. I was thinking of using VB and referring to some system file, tag or information. Like if I could call up the information about the computer serial number and compare it to a set value. If the values don't match, the system exits. If it does then the program continues. I have tried to look up values that will be unique to each computer, or almost so, but cannot find anything useful to me.

Is there any items that I can lookup the values for (Sys vol, reg num, etc) for comparison purposes?

Thanks for your help


you can compare by taking the profile id of the harddisk being installed on a specific computer. u have to write the program in such a way that it should look for the harddisk profile id. if u want samples on how to get such element visit http://www.planet-source-code.com and search for "Disk Serial Number" under visualbasic


You can always add a registry for you application. And on the first form your application will check if you are authorized to run the application by reading the value stored in registry editor and comaring it to a value stored in your application.
I have enclosed a sample application that contains both a sample VB application and registery file. First run the application before running the registry file and see how user will be prevented from using the application. Now run the registery file and test the application again. For retesting I added another button on the form that will delete the registry value.