Can anyone help me with this..!!! I found an error stating that "Unrecognized database format" How can I solved this..I am currently using VB to link my MS access 2000 database using DATA object, Please help me..Thanks..

thats because vb6 cannot directly access the databases in .mdb format other than the access95 version. u probably created the database using ms-access software. re-create the database using vb6's visual data manager. or u have to convert the database to an older version(access 97) using ms access's convert database utility.

ok thanks, but I read in an article that I can also use ms access 2000 if I have Visual Studio Service Pack 4, was that possible?,,How can I connect to ms access 2000, in the way that I'm going to create my database using ms-access software,,If I used ADO, was that possible?Thanks a lot in advanced

connection to the database using any technology whether it is DAO or RDO or ADO is possible. but it is true that by default vb6 cannot access .mdb database if it is created in some other format.but using service packs of vs may solve this problem.but if u use oracle or sql server databases there will be no problem at all.if u wish to use sp of vs u have to download it from microsoft.com