I've been using MSHflexgrid for my last project. Now that I'm starting a new project, I was wondering what the differences are between
Data Grid
what are the advantages and disadvantages?

"For the datagrid you need an ADODC or ADODB to get the recordset and populate the Datagrid

But take the msflexgrid, this can have data from a recordset and also separate data not coming from a table. eg. if you want to compute some values and dispaly you can use msflexgrid or mshflexgrid. In both of these it is not necessary that the values to be displayed should be from the recordset.

Whereas as far as DATA GRID is concerned it should be connected to the recordset. You cannot do manipulations like that of EXCEL which can be done in the other two.

One important advantage of Data grid is it is very simple BUT less flexible. Also if you have large amount of datas to be displayed in a grid, data grid takes very less time compared two other two grids."

quote from cmrhema
very well said....

what about the difference of
msflexgrid and mshflexgrid


The mshflexigrid mainly provides grouping utility of records ex:

in msflexigrid data will look like
Jan 1
Jan 6
Feb 7
Mar 7
Mar 3
Mar 1

mshflexigrid will enable you to show it as:
Jan 1
Feb 7
Mar 7

What ever the diferences are all VB6 grids had their weak points (this was overcomed in .net), and after I used VB6 for about 7 years I found that the mshflexigrid is best one among the 3.