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My workaday laptop is now an Acer Predator which while being very nice and all started to boot up with Windows Sticky Keys enabled. Now being a long time Windows user I went to the usual control panel, turned it off but it turned back on if the machine was rebooted or you logged out and back in.

The usual Google research was done, registry changes made and still it persisted. As all you needed to do was tap the shift key a few times to turn it off I left it as it was until I had more free time to look into it.

A deeper dive into the machine was done with AUTORUNS which found an odd thing I tossed but still it enabled after login.

So what if it's something to do with this model laptop? A new google found the answer: https://www.google.com/search?q=acer+predator+sticky+keys&gl=US

Aha, Acer and others added a Sticky Keys on/off to their system so there was more than one place this can be controlled which reminds me of the more than one boss stories.

Fix: Press the Acer Predator Sense button till it turns red, then tap button 1. It's fixed and I share this here so others might not spend as much time hunting it down.