The attached image shows my problem. When I create a GUI in netbeans, the preview of the GUI does not match the actual GUI shown when running in two ways.

One (in a minor sense) is that it does not have the windows xp "look" for its buttons, borders and such. Two, (more importantly) is that it does not maintain the dimensions I give it. Notice how the bottom jpanel "grows" horizontally when I run the program?

Is this fixable/preventable?

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yeap JGoodies is another option. I used Substance for my final year project and like it. However I hope to try out JGoodies too


personally I like the standard LAF of Tiger. Going to try JGoodies too some day soon.

You talking about tiger on the mac?

Windows XP look&feel? Everybody know have that looks like. Try something new ! ! !

Come on try Substance

That looks cheesy. I would laugh if someone used that in their university project.


Substance was just to make it different from L&F as many know. It wasn't core part of project so no point to laught on that count.
However you can laught as much you want, university project must look to you very silly after years in industry, however for me it was something new and I made maximum effort my project to be different from others. I'm happy to say I made the difference...

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