I am using borland c++ builder 6.0

can you tell me how to solve this error?

[Linker Error] Unresolved external 'hasp_login' referenced from C:\PROGRAM FILES\BORLAND\CBUILDER6\PROJECTS\DONGLE C TESTING VERSION2\UNIT1.OBJ

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Somewhere, either in your code or in some library you are using, there is a reference to a function or a variable named 'hasp_login'. The linker can't find it.

As for fixing it, can you give a little more information about where you are using it? If you didn't declare it, what libraries are you including?

hasp_login is a function. that is defined in one header file. I have included that file in my source code. but i got that error which i mentioned earlier. can u tell the reason for that.

Another good thing to check is to see if you've spelt the name correctly. If for example you mis-spelled "hash_login" as "hasp_login", it would show that error message.

> hasp_login is a function. that is defined in one header file
The header file only tells the compiler that the function exists, and how to call it.
What you also need to provide is the name of the associated library to the linker, which will link the call in your code with the actual code to do the work.

The documentation for the function/library you're using should tell you the name of the library.

yea me too i have a error in borland 6.0 c++ but a different error from urs well i cant access it i have the actictivation code and everything but it seems the problem is with my vista and i have a homework next week !!!!! lol and i am searching for a prgram that works with vista and using c++ at the same time plz someone pm!!!! me!!!!!!

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