I use
dim mydb as recordset
and also use
in certain required places like the update command button clicking. It works, by adding the new value in database. I have a list that shows the values of that db. But the main problem is i cannot see the newly added values unless i exit and reopen the application. after reopen i can see the newly added value. But i want to see the value in run time after clicking the add button which add value from a text box that i write. Sorry for the long literature, please help me.

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try list1.refresh after the updating part,

but sometimes this does not work.
Best way,after updating,close the connection then open it again,ok?


As i am not so expert, would u please tell me what should be the code example of closing connection?


if u r using the DAO technique use the table recordset type at the time of opening the recordset. a sample is :-

dim db as database,rs as recordset

set db=opendatabase(app.path & "\mydb.mdb")
set rs=db.openrecordset("table1",dbopentable)
if rs.recordcount>0 then
''ur data showing code goes here

otherwise u have to simultaneously unload and show up ur forms.

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