Hello Friends..

I have a query ...
I have connected to the database and retrieved some data from the database.
All the info is in the SqlDataAdapter...
There are some 10 rows of data in the sql data adapter.
I want this row of data to be displayed in a label one after the other with a gap of say 3 seconds... i.e. first apple is displayed. after 3 seconds grapes is displayed.. and soo on ..

Please help me in this..
Waiting for a positive response..


After filling DataSet (or DataTable) by Adapter, call a method (preferred to be in another thread) loop on DataSet (or DataTable) foreach row you'll stop the thread for 3000 ms

void Initilize()
// filling adapter 
// filling dataset (or datatable)
// calling ShowRows
void ShowRows(DataSet (or DataTable) tbl)
foreach(DataRow in tbl.Rows)
//Create Label Control at runtime with good X and Y cor.

Thanks for replying.. .
But this is not working fine..
It shows only the first and last value....
the rest of the values are not getting displayed.

I want something like the google messages popup window. When you login to google talk then a pop up box comes out and displays the newest messages in order.
I am working on such kind of thing ..

Can any one else help me in this and using some timer.

Waiting for a positive response.