Hello, I use Visual Basic 5 PRO and would like to know how to grab an image from a weblink which has been copied to the Windows Clipboard from google images and then display the image as a thumbnail into a image control on my form.

For example, I search google images for "computer" and I see a thumbnail I like, I select it twice to see the picture in my browser, I copy the URL from my browsers address bar to the Windows clipboard as shown below...


How can I load the "computer.gif" directly from this URL into my image control on my form using VB5 code as a thumbnail please?

I wish to get the image directly from the URL, NOT from copying the picture from my browser to the Windows Clipboard.

Thanks for any help


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plz help for image processing...

you can download it first , then show it.

private Image ImageFromClipboardText
                WebRequest req = WebRequest.Create(Clipboard.GetText());
                WebResponse resp = req.GetResponse();
                return Image.FromStream(resp.GetResponseStream());               
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