how to keep a certain form always behind other forms

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u can accomplish this in two ways.

either u use vbmodal

here form1 is form which will appear in front of the form which u wish to keep behind



here form2 is the form which u wish to keep behind

otherwise u can use form2.hide

I want to show a form and on top of that form I want to show another form. I want to be able to access any of the two forms (so I can't use vbmodal) One of the forms is bigger than the other and that one I want to always have in the back. I'm not sure my question is clear, let me know if not

I am in the same problem

Create an MDI Form as the bigger form and edit propety "MDIChild" of the smaller form to true.
Now you can use the twice form in one time.
Unfortunately the MDI Form doesn't support the buttons, labels, etc. so you have to use them in the menubar.

Open any child form and call the function ZOrder.
This will get the child form in front of other forms

When you have the child forms in front, you will automatically have you parent form at back.

Guys, this thread is like 4 years old... :)

sorry just saw the previous answer's date :P

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