hi all,
i cant able to open some applications like word,excel,adobe indesign,xml through java.
and i used Runtime.getexec(); code but here when we run the program the application is automatically opening. i dont need to open on execution of the program. and also at the same time i want to close the application through java program. if anybody knows the solution pls send the code.

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I'm sorry hidash_in but this is the second time you've posted this question and I'm still not sure what you are trying to do. Do you mean that you want a program written in java that opens another application (like word) and then quit the original java program? If that's the case then I don't really understand the point...

i am working in java platform. i want to open any application through java program.is there any java code for do this. tell the solution for this query pls.

If your using Java 6 look at the Class Desktop. (As long as you are not still attempting to start an application on the server in a Servlet/JSP and get it to appear on the client, you've been told often enought that that won't work.)

thanks masijade,
but i need the clear solution, pls say can i open any application file through java for read and write. tell me a clear solution.

Well read the API doc for the class I told you, then you tell me. God, that doc spells it out pretty clearly. Take two minutes of your own time to read the docs (rather than hours of your time and mine posting questions that you can easily answer yourself with two minutes time, especially when you are pointed directly to what you need).

maybe just open a url to the file and assume that the user's machine has the file type assigned to that particular document type. I mean, if I push a .doc file to a windows user, it will probably open with word - yes?

Note: if the doc comes from an applet, then there may be sandbox issues requiring signing the applet etc.

Pls help me

A .xls file contain many columns .but i need to use some of them as a input in my java program how can i do then

This is a completely new topic. Start a new thread and stop resurrecting dead ones. As a hint, Google "POI HSSF/XSSF" and/or "Andy Khan jxl".

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