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Back after a LONG break from Daniweb, love the new look!

I have the following data scanned from a pdf417 and need to extract certain text to certain text fields, not sure how to go about this... Data scanned with manatee works plugin and android app using android studio.

All help will be appreciated.

Data that was returned from scan -

Each part between the %'s need to go to a field.

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Given the easy nature of the string you can split on the '%' character and end up with an array of the text you are after.
The hard part is if the inputs aren't in the same order as the string or any kind of dynamic sorting is required. That's a fairly simple answer though, is that what you were after or did you have an tougher, more specific problem?

Thank you Hericles,

Input will always be the same. I am using -

String[] extractedStrings = mysourcestring.split("%");
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