how to decrypt in ?







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Looks like base64 encoding. Where did you get this?

Do you know what the encryption algorithm was? If not, and you don't have the key, then you are probably SOL.

it is a String of password which are in .ini
how to find encryption algorithm ?
is there any other way decrypt it ?

I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to put it through all the popular Encryption Algorithms? Worse that can happen is you get the wrong result.

I think I know:
how to decrypt it,
how it is seeded,
what algorithm is used,
what the software is
who wrote it
that they are really pissed,
I forwarded a link to this thread

you should pay the license fee, its cheaper than the legals

it is an old chat software , it was written in Delphi
it has MD5 hex hash algorithm
it was base64digit.

what link?.

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