how fixed this error " Table is a not member of Data set"
pls need help .. window application

 Public Function inst() As DataTable
        Dim cmd As New SqlClient.SqlCommand
        Dim tbl As New DataTable
        Dim da As New SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter
        Dim ds As New DataSet
        Dim sql_select As String


            sql_select = "SELECT EmMaster_EmploId FROM(EmMaster) WHERE EmMaster_EmploId=(SELECT max(EmMaster_EmploId) FROM EmMaster)"
            da = New SqlDataAdapter(sql_select, cn)
            da.Fill(ds, "EmMasater")
            tbl = ds.Table(0)// this line error "Table is a not member of Data set" "

Re: VB.NET 80 80

I don't use data tables but I think it should be ds.Tables not ds.Table. Also you have a typo in da.Fill(ds, "EmMasater").

commented: yes, it's ds.Tables +10
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