Hi DW.

Can someone with Windows 10 help me out by testing my library on Edge browser and open the developers console and see if there are any errors that are causing the library not to work on Edge browser.

The library is http://iwpe.000webhostapp.com/iwpe

This should encrypt your password on the fly when you have entered it or when you have set your browser to remember it.

First try it on Firefox so you see how it should work, it work perfectly on Firefox but not on Edge.

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I looked at doing this but the insecure connection meant full stop. Why is this web site using insecure methods for username and password today?

Didn't everyone get the memo?

PS. Edited for spelling.

Well this is just a demo hosted on a free hosting service. It is meant to show how the library should work when you use it on your website. This is just a demo.

commented: So that's the message I'd see if I used it? J.K.? +0
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