While doing a redesign of two sites I had this need to take my clients TemplateMonster template and show flash on ONLY the front page and a static image on the internal pages but the problem was that it ran on a template engine which used a single load header type setup not to different from a wordpress template. That being said, I simply added some php to show only the flash file on the home page.

Now this DOES work for WordPress, Open-Realty, vBulletin and many other theme engines I've designed for over the years.

Here is the basic idea.
If the home page, show the flash, if not show something else.


File: flash-slideshow.php would include the flash code as well as the JS link to the swfobject fix for flash and IE.

File: banner-ad.php would include the html code and random advertising rotator based on javascript in this case.

######### Plug this into your header.php file
if ("$P" == "/index.html" || $P == "/" || "$P" == "/index.php")
} else {

######### create your two alternative content code items you wish to load.
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