I am having fits trying to come up with previous/next buttons for my particular project. I want the user to be able to easily browse through shifts. I have 3 shifts per date and that is how it is stored in the db. Right now I have the users going into another .htm file and enter the date/shift this then posts the stored db info into a template .php file. It works but it would be nice to have something quicker for them. Basically just looking for ideas/examples of how to work this.


Hey, I think you should work with AJAX.
Next/Previous buttons should call a function to "change" the shift and go to the DB and bring the informacion.


AJAX is the answer. I've acheived similiar results in a few cruisey hours with the Yahoo User Interface libs. http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/connection/

The YUI libs are very stable/mature and documentation is excellent.

If ajax looks too confusing, use an iframe, but refreshing an iframe does impose a little more overhead than a XMLHttpRequest.

Thanks for the responses. Have to do some research on AJAX.

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