Hello everyOne,

I have build one active x control,now use this active x control in website,now i want to run this website in different machine with link

But the requirement is that .net framework must be installed on each machine where i want to run the link,but i don't want to install .net framework in each machine.

So, is there any solution to run webpage in machine without .net framework, or to install only the files necessary to run my page.

Please Help me

We can not run our .Net Web Application on the Machine which does not containt .Net Framework........
Only solution is that u must have to Create the MSI installer or Setup of ur Web application.....in Setup u must have to put .Net Framework......n when u intall ur setup on the other machines....then .Net Framework will also installed with ur Application...........

ummm... what are you talking about? the application runs server side. .NET need not be on the client machine. the client machine is getting like basic html and javascript...

but u can not run ur application on web until u don't have the .Net Framework on the client machine.....u must have to install the .Net Framework.....

if ur client have a Server.....then u install Framework only on the server.......not on the all client machines........

What u all are saying is correct,but actually my website is containing ActiveXcontrol,for which i have created dll and using this dll in my website folder.

Now to run my webpage, i.e to load the activex control,my each client should have .net framework ,because the dll should be registered in GAC of Client Machine.

No this is the requirement,now tell me is it possible to have GAC in client machine without installing whole .net framework of 24 MB.

Wating for ur replys

The dll runs server-side. Everything is server-side. What is the exact error message you are getting from the client machine? You might just have a problem w/ your code. There is no need to have .net framework on client machines. qed.

I am getting "Error: System.Security.permission SecurityPermission"
error in client side

Ok, that error is not an error related to the .NET framework, but rather a problem with your configuration.

Things to check:

(1) In IIS, did you create a virtual directory for the site?
(2) In IIS, what version of the .NET framework did you select?
(3) In IIS, what 'rights' did you give the virtual director? Read Only? Read/Write? Read/Write/Execute?
(4) (Most important, I think) What are the Server premissions on the folder for which your site is located? Is impersonate = true? Does the ASP.NET user and IIS User have sufficient priviledges to access the site files?

The one thing I can tell you, however, is that it is in no way related to the installation of .NET on a client machine.

about the setting u r talking, i have set all the things,i have make my website folder shared,than also i am getting same error.

and once i install my assembly in GAC their is no error.

What i do know