I developed an Intranet website using ASP.NET/VB.NET 2005 where I need to retrieve the Windows Username. I am using Windows Authentication through Active Directory. This works fine when I create a Virtual Directory within the Default Web Site, and the IP address is Unassigned. The User is not challenged, and the Windows Username is retrieved using an Active Directory WebService and getting the UserName with Request.ServerVariables("Auth_user"). However, when I create a New Website outside of the Default Web Site, with an Assigned IP address, the user is always challenged and forced to enter their Username and Password. Does anyone know why the User is being challenged when running the Website outside of the Default Website? Any ideas on how to configure the Website Properties, or modifications needed to the web.config, to allow the User to enter the website without being challenged, with the Windows Username being passed?


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Mike, if you solve this, pls advise. I am going to try replicating your situation this weekend to see if I can come up with any cause or solution. I am working on a project that will likely experience the same exact issue...

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