How can i Load images in to each cell of a table based on its product id?

The picture url is stored in field: Product_picurl

SELECT `Product_id`,`Product_Name` , `Product_picurl`
FROM `prod_listing` where `Product_id` ="$ID"

I have looked around for a photogallery script but cant find one!!

Thanks in advance

1. execute your sql statement
2. use mysql_fetch_array to capture the data into an array (eg.


3. Cycle through the array to output the image urls to the page with some sort of loop (foreach, for, while, whatever fits your script/writing style)

that's the theory behind it.

here's a little sample (very quick and messy mind you, but will help you get the idea):

//create sql
$sql="SELECT * FROM prod_listing";

//execute query
$result=mysql_query($sql,$connection) or die('could not execute query');

$html_content = '<table>';

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
	$html_content .='<tr><td><image src="'.$row['Product_picur1'].'" /></td></tr>';


echo $html_content;

that gets all the pictures into a table, in order.

to get them in some sort of order, try using the ORDER BY clause in your sql, such as in:

$sql="SELECT * FROM prod_listing where Product_id ='$ID' ORDER BY [I]some_field_here[/I] ASC;";

there are multitudes of other approaches you could use to improve this, but maybe this will give you a start.