How to toggle between a Single window ..:
Which is, In one page, I have the video and ppt in it..
If i wanna switch, the windows by a button.
Eg: when u click a button, v must be able to see only the ppt and when you click a button related the video, you must be able to see only the video, and another button to see the normal window, which have the ppt and video together..

What is the Javascript that helps to toggle between these screens..?
How can it be Done?

Your help is much appreciated.


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Why mess with the fuss of doing that? Load another page instead.

If i load another page, It loads from the first.
Lets say, the video is playing, and you click the video related button, The video screen alone can be seen, and its still playing, the video doesnt start from the first..Same goes with the powerpoint also..When you click the ppt related button or a link, the ppt alone is seen but its playing. It doesnt loads from the first..

Any reply on this?

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