Hey all,

Quick question i'm having trouble answering. I've concantinated my variables together and all looks good except for one thing. I want 2 spaces after a colon and am only producing 1.

"Thank You!!<br /><br />PERSON:"."  ".  $row['fname']." ". $row['lname']."

This produces:

Thank You!!!
PERSON: John Smith

I want 2 space after the colon not just one, how can I add that extra space. I played with quotes and periods to no success.

"Thank You!!<br /><br />PERSON:"."&nbsp;&nbsp;". $row." ". $row."

Thank you, worked perfectly. I guess I should have thought of using normal HTML spacing, but i thought it wouldn't work inside the <php stuff. What a great day to learn :)

Thanks again.

It not caused by php. Browser always combine repeated spaces in one.