Hey guys wondering, if you are using Adobe CS3 and do you think, if there are other alternatives to CS3. Would you recommend CS3 or wait for something else.

What Adobe CS3 has to do with PHP???
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Dreamweaver with its syntax highlighter and suggestions

Oh I didn't realize that. Using Dreamweaver to code PHP files.
I bet Eclipse PDT is great when it comes to PHP coding.

i havent used that before, and dreamweaver is very good for php files thanks to CS3

I use Zend PHP Studio. I also have Adobe CS 3 but I like Zend better than Dreamweaver. Unfortunately, it has a Java-like feel and can get unresponsive at times on Vista. Works perfectly on my mac.

What is Zend PHP Studio like? I haven't actually got around to using it, but then again i prefer notepad over everything :P
I tend to use programs like Dreamweaver when i can't be bothered to hand write it all :P

I shall think it depends from person to person.
I like to use Zend when creating applications, or projects larger than a few scripts.
The syntax highligher is quite good, but then again, you can configure just about any program to use the same colours.
Anything that has a good code ident and activley working code debugger, is awsome for me.

I have CS3, for the flash, but a job I applied for required that my notepad++ loving self know DreamWeaver to program my php.

If you are handcoding everything and like all the highlighting, get on sourceforge.net and find notepad++ or programmer's Notepad (right now I am more into the latter of these).

The only reason to actually get CS3 is if you need a visual IDE for your stuff... But, it doesn't allow you to see what your php will output unless you actually have PHP installed on your system.