Hi - In Visual Studio 2005, when one drew a table, the cell height was "auto" and if it didn't contain anything, it wouldn't show. One could then manually set a cell height if one was so inclined. It seems in Visual Studio 2008 all of the cells have a height and there is no "auto" height setting.

Any suggestions?

Also, is it just my machine, or does VS 2008 run WAY slower?



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I wish I could help you with the table. I am not sure what to suggest. Are you able to type 'auto' into a property box ?
I agree with the speed of VS2008, I am using express and it is very slow!


I figured this one out. By default, VS2008 puts a space in each cell, which doesn't show on the design view. So what you need to do is go in and press the delete key. Then it will zero out.


Yes, it is irritating. The resize feature is also very annoying to use. In VS2005 you could resize the height of the cell from auto to 5 to 10 to 16 etc px height. in vs2008, the min is 23 px or something, and anything below that needs to be manually entered into the height. i am less than impressed with studio 2008. they should either put out a service pack for it or release a vs 2009 with updates.

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