Hi ,
I need a solution for my web page www.servisracunara.co.nr

When i click on the Popravka 2 I want to change a iframe to Popravka 2 .

Thank you for your effort of reading this .

You need to give a name and id to your IFRAME (same say one is enought I rather assign name to both) and in links you need to specify target where you want to display them. Something like this

<table width="200" height="200">
        <a href="page2.html" target="iFrm">Link to page 2</a>
        <a href="page3.html" target="iFrm">Link to page 3</a>
    <iframe src="page2.html" width="100" height="200" name="iFrm" id="iFrm"></iframe>
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