Is is possible to clear the value of a bean using the jsp:setproperty tag?

i have tried

<jsp:setProperty name="MyNameBean" property="subscriberName" value="" />

but it didnt work.

Please help!

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A bean has no "value".
What "doesn't work" anyway?
What do you expect to happen and what do you observe as happening?

I would like to clear the value of bean.

In the middle of my application the session bean gets set. at the end of my application i would like to reset the bean value to null or nothing, clear it, or remove it whatever is the correct wording.

My app is using ajax, so i would like to refresh the main page, and reset the bean.

So if i refresh the page, and using jsp:getproperty, nothing must be returned.

I hope i was clear enough, and didnt confuse u even further.

I managed to solve the problem. thanx jwenting for taking time to look at my question.
(Its funny how after searching for some hours then deciding to ask someone on the forum, i find the answer) :)

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