Hello everyone!
I'm a graphic designer here in Sterling Heights, Michigan and I have a bit of a problem with our current website pages. I should tell you that it was not developed by me, but rather by our IS person, and I don't think he used any one particular program to set it up, he most likely set it up all in code. So anyway, this great Guru of our site has moved on and I'm here trying to figure it all out. The first thing I did was purchase Dreamweaver CS3 and I'm in the process of learning it and so far so good. The problem I have is some of the pages are in PHP code and when I view them in Dreamweaver, I'm missing several elements. I've now down loaded a PHP application that I found through DW at a site called entrophy.ch/software/macosx/php. The program is called 5.x for Apache 1.3, I followed all the steps and as a test I ran a simple text page in Dreamweaver and typed the php code to display the time when the page was processed on the server and it worked perfectly.
But when I went to the local version of our website and opened a Php page, It still didn't show many of the key elements.
Did I not install it right in Dreamweaver?
Has anyone else run into this problem?
I could really use the help...
Thanks everyone
Kenn (iyazon)

put your files in the htdocs folder so that apache can find it.

Hello ryan! Where can I find this htdocs folder? Is it in my hard drive? or is it in my local site folder (Where all my web pages reside?)

try to install xampp.It's easy to use and install.It is packaged with PHP,MySQL and Apache.You can put your .php files on the htdocs folder inside the xampp folder when you have installed it.then run your .php files like http://localhost/test.php.

the test.php should reside inside that htdocs folder