do i need a connector???

No if you can create one for your self, but I would not recommend that. Better to stick with connectors....

which connector do u prefer???

It is more of question what database you using MySQL/MsSQL/Oracle

and that's after you stop trying to place business logic in JSPs.

i am using Microsoft SQL server 2005.

Ouch, you just hurt my feelings....
Why you not using MySQL, it is more easier to work with (in my opinion). If you wish to stay with MsSQL you need to get your self ODBC connector and learn to use it

You need to download the sql server 2005 jdbc driver (sqljdbc.jar) and make sure it is on the application server/servlet container's CLASSPATH.
An easy way of doing this is to put sqljdbc.jar in your webapps WEB-INF/lib directory.

There is plenty of documentation on MSDN on how to use it. A good basic example is here

do i need a connector???

HI My Friend,
Pl. avoid to connect to database from jsp file using any software. Pl. Write Separate Coding for connect Database in this coding using type 4 driver. it is very easy to connect all database without DSN name creation.

If you connect DATABASE using any database you cannot transfer context any system it is no easy.

So, Pl. Write java coding you connect database server side.

ok, lets me try it. i am new to this.

need to learn more.

now i had installed MYSQL. which connector can i use??

Use MySQL Connector J, a type 4 / pure JDBC compliant driver. Make sure you add this driver to your runtime dependency and you are good to go.

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