how do I upload a file into the database from dreamweaver? I have used a file field in the form but will this automatically upload no problems?


Im using SQL Server and ASP

Are you wanting to upload the file to the database or upload the file to your server and store the filename in the db?

well i dont really know. I am student on placement and i have been asked for a way for the company to upload files of drawings etc of the equipment they sell so they can be accessed by customers. I have created a form in ASP with a file field which has a browse button on it. I am using this to test at the minute. I have put a small test file in the site file in the root folder and the browse button seems to be stored the URL. That would be fine if i could get it to work. I keep getting a L Bound error.

Thank you, however... in the tutorial it says that you will need a copy of the uploading component and gives a link to this but when i clicked on the link it said 'file not found'.

yip, that link worked!

THANK YOU!!!! :)


Hi, i having problem to execute the program.I want to upload a file into a database. I try to follow as in the tutorial you have mention above(SECTION 1: UPLOADING ANY FILE). I'm using Ms Access database and dreamweaver CS3. After i try to push the submit button, it come out a new page wrote "File already exist". i dont know what is the problem and what is the actual output sholud be. Can anyone help me...

It sounds like you don't have overwrite permissions.

Try extending the read/write permissions on the file/folder.