Im new to ASP and would like to know which one is the best when coding to ASP between VB.Net and C#.Net

Thanx in advance

It really depends on your level of experience with each to be honest. Which are you most proficient with>

Im proficient with none of them, thats why I cant make up my minds, and believe me VB.Net doesn't look easy to me at all, let alone C#

Ok, what is your experience in programming? what languages have you used before?

Coming to think of that.... I have done Java, COBOL, Busy with ASP, C++ and C#, I did but hey the language, I dont think I wana go back there again

I would recommend you google some C# tutorials with ASP.NET 2.0 seeing as you have experience in Java. The syntax is very similar in java and c#. I can point you to some great tutorials if you need the links....

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